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I know the way my code is right now will tell me the file I'm trying to write is closed(No access). For each file, you need supply both the path and file name. Right now I am able to write just the txt files inside of my zip folder, but in my zip folder I need to keep that folder structure.She and the Nikto gunner Ul'ligan reflected on the shared solidarity between the two peoples while the Free Ryloth leader Goll complimented Hera for her leadership.As a rebel operative, Hera tailed the movements of Count Denetrius Vidian, the Emperor Palpatine's efficiency expert, who was charged with speeding up production on Imperial worlds and was reputed for his disregard towards the lives of other sentients.Despite evading the Imperial fighters, the Eclipse Hera landed the Eclipse in an abandoned commercial landing zone near the capital Lessu.

Syndulla herself became Phoenix Leader, leading various starfighter operations for the cell.

Syndulla was promoted to the rank of General and continued to serve the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War and was present on Endor following the Alliance's triumph over the Empire and the death of Emperor Palpatine. Her father Cham was a prominent Twi'lek revolutionary who had fought against the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the Clone Wars and later against the Galactic Empire.

Sometime before then, she gave birth to Kanan's son, Jacen Syndulla. She and her mother hid underground while the Separatist Droid Army occupied her homeworld.

During the Battle of Ryloth, A BTL Y-wing starfighter crashed in front of her home.

Though the pilot died, Hera managed to pull an old astromech droid named Chopper from the wreckage.

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They fought alongside a survivor, a war veteran, and a fallen knight. But we never imagined it would end like this." Hera Syndulla was a Twi'lek female revolutionary who became a central figure in the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire and the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

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