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Is diane keaton dating keanu reeves

Jack Nicholson noted how he thought Reeves was always acting a little "fruity" on the set of their last film together "Something's Gotta Give", but didn't pay it much attention because he was too busy "putting the nail to Peet".Barbra Streisand, long-time proponent of gay marriages, was elated by the news and couldn't help but wish her confreres a joyous life together, "While this most certainly will not help Keanu's limited acting abilities, the fact that he sleeps next to another man every night, makes me proud to be ugly and American." Streisand, who lost most of her talent back in the early 60s, followed that up with a Yiddish salute, "Mazeltov, gay men...mazeltov!Only days before the Massachusetts legislature was set to vote on the banning of gay marriages in their state, actors Keanu Reeves and Alan Cumming, raced over there to marry one another before a small party of invited friends.Reeves, star of such films as "The Matrix", "Something's Gotta Give" and "Point Break" had always been rumored to be gay, but always maintained his heterosexuality.I'm glad that I can finally tell the world that I am gay and proud today. " Reeves and Cumming flew from Los Angeles to Auburn, Massachusetts yesterday afternoon, for a 4 p.m.appointment at the Auburn City Hall to obtain a marriage license. The ceremony was held behind closed doors in a Mayor Gavin Mc Cleod's office.

The rumor about me marrying David Geffen was actually false, but I did give him a handjob once, at the back of a Denny's restaurant parking lot. Also, I'm not going to "out" anybody myself, but needless to say there is one other member of our 'Speed' cast that is about as gay as a French horn, and I'm not talking about Dennis Hopper! " The ramifications of this major Hollywood "outing" and marriage was already sending shockwaves through the industry.Leonardo Di Caprio has been swinging his dick that way for years, and it doesn't seem to have slowed down his career.Scorsese calls him all the time, all I ever get is Jan De-f*ckin Bont."Reeves also wanted to thank the "Internet" for helping him face his biggest fears.La solución es sorprendente y sencilla : Después de una larga serie de pruebas , los desarrolladores llegaron en Schagerl al elemento agua, que no es tan duro como la aleación de metal normal y el peso de la boquilla se pueden variar con el a gusto.Para utilizar el agua como el material se hicieron en los talleres de Mank de Schagerl numerosas pruebas hasta que se creó la versión final .

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The state of Massachusetts was getting set to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage but establish civil unions for same-sex couples, which is one of the reasons the long-time companions decided to speed up the process and marry right now.

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