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The adjective disoriented is somewhat less common in everyday speech.Disoriented and confused carry similar meanings, but disoriented may be less familiar for some folks.By combining the baseactive with the suffix -ate, you create the word activate, which means to make active.Other suffixes with this meaning are -ize, -ise, -ify, and -en.English language learners often panic when they encounter intimidating vocabulary.

may intimidate the human race into bringing order into its international affairs" (Albert Einstein).These little language building blocks can help you to decode just about any challenging word.Let’s start with the prefix in the word disoriented! They are usually one to three letters long, and attaching them to a word will affect the word’s meaning.Beyond giving clues to the part of speech, suffixes also carry meaning.The endings -er, -or, -ist, or -yst are commonly added to words for people who perform certain tasks or activities.

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Some prefixes even combine with other prefixes to create words such as unpremeditated (un pre meditated). Mis- and mal- mean wrong or bad and are sometimes used for negation. It is a very common prefix seen in words such as unstoppable, unconquered, and unrestrained. Especially large things are described with prefixes like mega- and macro- while small things are micro- or mini-. For a comprehensive list of numerical prefixes, visit Like prefixes, they are a rich source of information about a word.

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