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Whenever you’re stumped and don’t know which colors would look good with each other, let this wheel be your guide.In order to take full advantage of the color wheel, let’s review some very basic color distinctions and relationships.They have little to no undertones of other colors, so they don’t ‘pop’ as much as other hues.You likely have an intuitive sense of what these are: black, white, beige, tan, taupe, to name a few.Why am I devoting a whole post to color theory in a series about style?Because learning how to build attractive color combinations can help you unlock a world of potential in your closet full of nothing to wear.Then you can use awesome techniques like pattern and print mixing to build stylish outfits and get more use out of clothes you already use.This week I want to touch on the crucial topic of color theory.

If a color has high saturation, it will appear bright and rich.

I present to you the useful-but-intimidating color wheel.

Turns out this visual aide you used in your 6th-grade art class is incredibly useful for building beautiful outfits.

When a color has poor saturation, it will appear faded.

Here’s an example: Source Each color in its purest form is a hue.

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