Intimidating colours

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Intimidating colours

When a color has poor saturation, it will appear faded.Here’s an example: Source Each color in its purest form is a hue.Then you can use awesome techniques like pattern and print mixing to build stylish outfits and get more use out of clothes you already use.This week I want to touch on the crucial topic of color theory.One of my favorite analogous color schemes is purple, red and orange.If you decide to play with this color scheme, make sure you use ONE color as the dominant color and use the other two colors as accents.Tertiary colors: Tertiary colors result from mixing primary and secondary colors.

If a color has high saturation, it will appear bright and rich.They have little to no undertones of other colors, so they don’t ‘pop’ as much as other hues.You likely have an intuitive sense of what these are: black, white, beige, tan, taupe, to name a few.Primary Colors: Primary colors are colors that create a full range of colors when combined.For our purposes, we will stick with red, blue and yellow as our go-to primary colors.

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