Ice breakers for online dating sites

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Ice breakers for online dating sites

I had a lot of success by spending a lot of time reading profiles and choosing people that had the same type of education, background, and interests as me. If they ask you questions back, that is the basis of conversation and usually and indication they are interested. Contact as many people that interest you as you can.

In my e-mails to them I would ask about these topics. Be open to meeting new people of all types, not just finding your soulmate. More than likely if you've been careful and thoughtful in your opening e-mail, without being too wordy or seeming obsessive, you will have the best chance of a response.

Whatever you are putting to start the conversation is good enough.

Of course looks mattered but no more than in any other type of meeting or social situation.I wouldn't like someone to be too flirty or say things like "you look beautiful / nice" I find that kinda superficial.. To be honest the profile is the most important thing, have a good online profile, and the person will respond to the email.I've started off with some rather boring emails / msn chats with someone who had a good profile, and eventually we started to connect...I agree with what people say that women are just too superficial on these online dating sites and unless you are very attractive, or have some really unique and interesting profile, they will just look at your profile before replying and then decide whether to reply or not no matter what you write.The problem also is that unless the woman starts the conversation with you, then you are always having a lower value than she does and are bunched up with the many guys that are also sending emails to her and giving her an ego-trip, thus it's better if you can have a great picture and profile and have them write to you first, otherwise, just write any message you want.

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email / msging is difficult, because not everyone likes doing it all that much.