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Those leaders need to put those technologies and the business need in perspective.

You've spent your career learning about IT -- network troubleshooting, programming languages, and data management. Here are a few tips to get you started on your new journey.

The process of management of large complex human systems – societies – is mostly the process of dissemination of various kind of information.

How info is organized determines the evolution of life.

As Frank Tipler states, eventually all life in the universe will evolve into one gigantic mind that will have access to all the cosmos’ information. The universe has always been one mind/spirit/undefinable something else that transcends materiality and mortality.

As an example closer to this thread, AI systems today gain an edge over ordinary humans playing the market because they have a fraction of a second advantage in making decisions. It didn’t need silly allegedly evolved apes on the planet earth to suddenly become that.

That is, they can get access to information faster than humans. Tipler’s merely projecting his vision of the currently ascendant computer paradigm.

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