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A guy that has been around your circle is probably doing it for status or so that he can go brag to his boys. Shutterstock Bringing someone you don’t really know to your house or going to his house can be kind of odd feeling, not to mention it can be a bit unsafe.

If possible, try hooking up in a neutral location, like a hotel, or maybe even somewhere riskier like a car.

You still have feelings for him and maybe he does for you, so hooking up will only make these feelings even stronger and before you know it you’re down and out because he doesn’t want to date and you feel like he’s using you. Shutterstock During a hook up you want to protect yourself as much as possible.

Even if you’re on birth control, it’s always best to use a condom.

Keep it at the hooking up level and keep your heart somewhere safe, or else you may risk breaking it yourself. Even if you still have feelings for him and you two are pretty cordial to each other, that doesn’t mean that you have to hook up or start having sex casually.

Hooking up with an ex is bound to start all sorts of problems, especially emotional ones.

It’s best to keep your heart out of it as much as possible.

If someone asks, say it was just a casual thing, and nothing more.istock You may not run into this too often, but before you jump into bed with a guy, make sure that he also knows that this is just a hook up and nothing more.Though guys tend to be in it just for the sex, you may come across one who is looking for a rebound or to turn a random booty call into something more.Shutterstock You may want to brag about it or maybe you’ve found yourself thinking about a guy you’ve hooked up with.Whatever the case is, you may not want to spill all of the details, otherwise your friends may start judging you and seeing you in a negative light.

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Protect yourself from STDs and further protect yourself from an unplanned pregnancy, otherwise you put yourself at risk for more problems than anticipated.