Gretchen dating slade real housewives

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Gretchen dating slade real housewives

He may have disappeared for a few seasons, but he’s one of the constant, mainly because he keeps dating women on the show.It’s a pretty big joke that’s faded since he’s now been with Gretchen Rossi with four years, and they’re engaged, but it’s worth a trip down memory lane since RHOC is celebrating it’s 100 episode tonight.In January, she finally received a judgment in a defamation case that had been going on for eight years.Gretchen was awarded 3,250 in damages after she sued Jay Photoglou for defamation in 2010 after she claimed he lied about her cheating on her late fiancé Jeff Beitzel with him.

The couple has undergone IVF in the past, and Slade reversed his vasectomy in an effort to have a natural conception.

She also claimed that he threatened her and stole her personal property, including nude photos that were released online.

“I decided enough was enough and to stand up against this individual,” Gretchen addressed the ruling in a statement to .

At first Gretchen was hesitant about marrying Slade because he had hit some major economic hard times, and she didn’t want to be responsible for his debt.

Things have stabilized for Slade recently, and this April Gretchen decided to propose to him on top of the AT&T building in L.

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