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Staff at the papal mansion at Castel Gandolfo claimed that John Paul II regularly engaged in self-flagellation, and among his many vestments was a particular type of knuckled belt that he used to whip himself, probably during kinky sex acts.The question then to be asked is this: ‘What type of erotic literature did Pope John Paul II need to arouse him?The record here of Eagle Scouts starts with the year 1923 when the council was organized.

(Extracted from an upcoming book by Tony Bushby called; ‘Pope John Paul II’s Dark Secrets’; ‘Previously suppressed information about Catholicism’s most popular pontiff, including revelations about his ‘missing’ war years; why he was under surveillance by the Secret Polish Police; his involvement in the plot to murder Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani), and why the Holy See needed to rewrite his past’).The names of Eagle Scouts in Buffalo Trail Council were taken from information provided by the Buffalo Trail Council, newspapers and other sources.2017 Caleb Anderson, T232, Midland Travis Andrews, T84, Midland Charlie Benally, T-37, Monahans Tanner Barnt, T160, Midland David Bradfield, T37, Pecos Jackk Carney, T91, Odessa Jonathan Cheatham, T232, Midland Kelton Chesshire, T129, Andrews Kalen Cowley, T-187, Snyder J.Pope John Paul II’s charismatic mixture of seeming guileless and single-minded ambition staved off a major exposure of his sexual orientation, and as his career developed, he publicly feigned holiness, but the records of history reveal that he was something far different from the Vatican’s presentation of him as a Pope of pious splendour.In 1965, a requirement was added to Eagle that an Eagle Scout applicant must have served for at least six months in a youth leadership position since becoming a Life Scout.Adults could not do this so they could no longer meet all the requirements for Eagle.

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The Eagle Award is the highest honor that a Boy Scout can earn during his years in Scouting.