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UPDATE: In newer Windows 10 versions, more options have been added to defer/delay updates as well as to pause updates download. Now click on "Choose how updates are delivered" link and set the slider to Off given under "Updates from more than one place".It'll help you in saving your Internet connection bandwidth as this feature works quite similar to P2P or torrents.This method will not disable or block Windows Update. Alternatively, you can press WIN I keys together to open Settings directly. Now click on "Update and security" item present in Settings app. Once you open Windows Update section, click on Advanced options link.

Although its not a problem as Windows updates are helpful for the OS but sometimes a faulty device driver might get installed via Windows Update which may cause your computer not bootable.Your question states that one user doesn't get admin rights when they log on, which kind of implies that other users do?Have other users actually tried on this very computer?We are listing all possible methods and you can try any of the desired method according to your requirements.All these methods will work in all Windows 10 editions such as Windows 10 Home, Pro, etc: This is the most basic method to customize Windows Update settings in Windows 10 and prevent it from downloading at least some updates automatically and also prevent it from automatically restarting the computer.

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It's difficult to know where the problem lies from the information you've provided, but if you can edit your question to add some more details, demonstrating what you've checked (and found), that will help us to provide a better diagnosis.

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