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The deaf and hard-of-hearing community celebrated these crucial demonstrations, and on the strength of their acclaim, the National Association of Broadcasters deliberated on how to move forward with a true captioning service.The federal government funded further development and testing of this innovative new technology.In 1980, there were only three captioned home video titles.Today, closed captions and subtitles are standard across the spectrum of home media, including virtual formats like online and digital media.The Bureau wanted to use a portion of the network television signal to send precise time information nationwide, digitally encoding this data in a part of the television signal that didn’t carry picture information.Although the Bureau’s project failed, it inspired a breakthrough idea: might it be possible to send captions encoded in the television signal instead?

With the FCC’s approval, PBS engineers innovated the caption editing consoles that would be used to caption prerecorded programs, the encoding equipment that broadcasters and others would use to add captions to their programs, and prototype decoders.It’s no exaggeration to say closed captioning as we know and expect it today would not be possible without NCI.The Revolution Will Be Televised In 1970, the National Bureau of Standards joined with ABC-TV in an experiment. Today, you can turn on any TV channel, press a button, and instantaneously access closed captioning for virtually any program or commercial advertisement you can imagine.Closed captioning not only includes deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers as full participants in the information age, but its practical value and its audience extends far beyond its historical origins.

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