Good bible study dating couple

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Good bible study dating couple

Many Christian wives are just waiting and hoping their husbands will assume the spiritual authority in the home. A couple must remember that after they say, “I do,” they must say, “I will.” Your personal sanctification is a vital and intimate aspect of your marriage. Looking for some great Bible studies on marriage to consider as a couple, or for your small group?Trying to get together with couples during the summer is often difficult because there always seems to be an anniversary. You will find more information regarding this on this site under “Marital/Bible Studies: Bible Study Resources.” A simple plan, if you can stick to it, is to read a Bible chapter a day.

You can’t make a better purchase, but never buy something just because someone recommended it to you. As you enable each other, you won’t have to rescue each other so much. That is why Satan hates it and doesn’t want you to know what God said. ” Adam wasn’t there to guide her and later he succumbed to Satan’s lies also.

Here’s our three recommended video-based Bible studies on marriage: Last year, my wife and I went through this 11-week study by the Driscolls. While I think e (the book) is a great read for couples, this study I believe is best done in groups.

The homework in between sessions is great to sit down and discuss with your spouse, but we felt that the study was more rewarding to those going through it in community.

You have led her to the marriage altar—now lead her every day to the altar of God’s Word.

You can do nothing for your marriage better than this.

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“Give honor unto your wife…as heirs together of the grace of life” (I Peter 3:7). What are his/her concerns/needs/interests/questions? You will find no scriptural example of Jesus abusing anyone in any way. Agree on a time and place where you will study each day. Decide together what method of study you will begin with.