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Gestures dating

What other body language gestures should we be aware of on a first date?

Feel free to share your dating knowledge in the comment section below.

I'll be the first one admit that I love staying in with an S/O just relaxing and hanging out at home — but I also do love going out on dates. You don't need to spend hundreds on your date, so "saving money" isn't a valid enough of an excuse.

Texting messages here and there will definitely confirm you're being thought of or that you care enough to still squeeze someone into your day— but calling and hearing someone's voice will outdo texting any day. Yes, there are times in relationships where you feel the emotions and do everything that people in relationships do — so that 'title' talk isn't always necessary. Understand the word "no." Don't take something out on your S/O for no logical reason. For some reason, this is slowly becoming a thing of the past.It goes without saying that nothing in life goes as planned and it's definitely far from perfect.Life is indeed an open book with all the obstacles that will be thrown your way but who's to say you have zero control of it?All your attention should be directed towards them and whatever it is you two are doing together.It seems like a pretty basic idea but it's ignored more than it should be. You'll catch me dancing at the most random, awkward times. Dancing makes most people happy to say the very least.

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