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Human Rights Watch found that the Gambian security services most frequently implicated in abuses were the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the paramilitary “Jungulers,” and the Serious Crimes Unit and the Police Intervention Unit of the Gambian Police Force.The Jungulers, an unofficial unit of up to 40 personnel largely drawn from the Presidential Guard, was most frequently implicated in serious abuses, carrying out the most egregious crimes.The government has also shown little regard for the rights of security force personnel who have been accused, rightly or wrongly, of seeking to overthrow President Jammeh.This report provides an overview of the human rights situation in the country since President Jammeh came to power in 1994.A DEVASTATED husband has told how his wife left him and their nine kids for a toyboy from Gambia. A neighbour fearing for her three youngest, aged six, nine and 11, alerted their school. ” Andy and Heidi met in the 1990s and had been together 23 years.

Harassment, arrests and physical threats have caused dozens of journalists to flee Gambia in the last two decades according to press freedom organization, Article 19.

Nearly all those interviewed, including the many who had fled the country, said they were afraid, for themselves and family members, of being seen by the authorities to be assisting human rights research.

Many believed they were under surveillance by the intelligence services and spoke at great personal risk.

Several former security force members believed the Jungulers and other units take direct orders from the Office of the President.

Among the cases documented in this report are the killing of one journalist in 2004 and the enforced disappearance of another in 2006; the 2005 killing of some 50 West African nationals detained under suspicion of plotting a coup; the 2013 disappearance of two US citizens of Gambian descent; and, the disappearance of several men accused of involvement in coup attempts in 20.

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“She has strange friends on Facebook, men from Africa and Asia.” Andy says she blocked him being a Facebook friend.

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