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Anwar and Sheffer have co-starred in a number of American films together, such as In Pursuit of Honor, The Grave, Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal, Flying Virus, Save It for Later, Water Under the Bridge, and Long Lost Son.

Her first American film was If Looks Could Kill, in which she played the daughter of a murdered British agent (played by Roger Daltrey).

So after landing a role in the BBC miniseries Hideaway (1986), she just kept working.

Gabrielle Anwar is currently married to Shareef Malnik.

When you've seen far more gruesome scenes for far less worthy reasons, you'll be all right...

She said in an interview last year: 'My own personal confidence comes from my inner world. When I do my fitness exercise program, it is gentle and nourishing.

I've been hounded by a reputation of being difficult when really what I'm being is truthful and honest. I auditioned for a lot of work and got some good feedback, and then was told I wasn't the choice. She felt the competition at drama school was too stiff and dropped out at age 15.

Anwar is not only an actress, she is also a mother of three and is currently married to Shareef Malnik, her second husband.

She has three children from her previous relationships.

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She made her film début in Manifesto, which was followed by more British television productions including First Born, Summer's Lease, Press Gang, and The Mysteries of the Dark Jungle.

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