Frustrated with online dating

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Frustrated with online dating

Since then, 166 people viewed my profile 250 times, 18 men emailed me and another 24 “winked” — which means they’re interested but won’t initiate more. But I have to keep reminding myself that this is not about the numbers. He must be honest and have a sense of humor, reasonably healthy and not on any major medications. We disregard potential friends and mates at the blink of an eye, often trading them in for the illusory search for the ideal person.I initially read a bunch of self-help books, but that didn’t help me at all.Later, I assumed it was a numbers game and my time would come to get it right. While at times I’ve held out, looking for the perfect partner, I’ve also rushed into relationships, only to end up in the same place after several months to several years: disillusioned, alone, and picking up the pieces of a relationship that didn’t fulfill me or add much value to my life.If you don’t continue to work at it, neither your relationship nor your playing will progress. In much the same way, the wounds from our past relationships can help us give love more easily.

Although wonderful relationships don't happen overnight, we can still have an amazing time on our journey to love.

Oftentimes, the idea of the person is what hooks us, and the reality is what ultimately sends us running.

When we move too quickly, we’re apt to overinvest ourselves before we get a chance to see that reality, and end up with hurt feelings.

Something within me needed to shift, and until I figured out what it was I would continue to repeat the same mistakes.

While learning to play the guitar, I had some powerful realizations about the romantic relationships in my life.

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