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You cannot specify their destination and any additions to the Startup- Sequence musl oe done manually.When installed the utilities are copied to a drawer called ACUtils on the ACUtiiities disk.Vith a group turnover approaching £30 million per annum.INDI ave the resource* ami *e purchasing power to offer you the best eah.hill »f ri* 1Mb 1 IM t*c hill W ■ ±1, Any commands fiend la J* sttd»d to y Uur Ul«P- Sfjirlirp can fad dona wf Wi th* pr*» o' .1 bullan The Files drawer con- lains all the utilities | set up so that you can use them from the Cover Disk.A Games drawer is also provided, so that you can play Ihese imme- diately.

INDI TELESALES TEL OS43 4199 418079 9am - 7pm Monday ta Friday 9,30am - 4.30pm Saturdays w Alfa Scan • Plus 256 Grayscale Hand Scanner Unn^—iiii Hin '......illllll £129.99 This Superb A4 Amiga Scanner woted "Amiga Shopper Best Buy", arrives complete ^ttin\ Meif e IT and Micrograph OCR Software. 't fc»n»' mmm W m t m Eff muu W m ^n^ m ^ \ -n,,, fz il B ,„ rt rauu»r con- !Mw^e IT allows the simple, quick merging of Cwo on-icreen images and Micrograph OCR (urn* your Amijp into an efficient text reading system. ue-jntc data tnd Nsge £169.99 The MICROLIN FX 31 PLUS The hjgh powmad performer. "• s Always boot from your Cover Disk when de- archiving applications.Amiga 500/500 plui/AGWWA I IOWA I SOW 200Q/JOQW400Q Minimum I Mb mcmcir-y Minimum 2Mb memoi-y fl. The installer pro- grams can be located via ihe install icon *ith the appropriate name in ihe . The de-archiving procedure has been ™iuch improved and now combines the power of the official Commodore inslailer program with thai of Workbench 2.0 and 3 0.If you don't want to install lo the default directory you can change il by clicking on Change Destination.The Show Drives but- ton will allow you to select a new device and directory- You can create a new drawer for your utility to go in by clicking on the Make Mew Drawer button and typing in Ihe name.

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eg: ln5t»tl[proqrll flilfl.1,3 lniti UPFM.3 When you load up the 1.3 installer the program will first prepare itself ready to de-archive ihe program to a AHar inserting a blank di*k pre** jf to continue or "n" to abort blank disk(s).