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As Lucuma is low on the glycemic index scale it’s a great way to get the desired sweet touch without the downsides of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, crazy glucose and even fructose kicks.Meaning Lucuma is a safe sweetheart to fuel our lives with (even for diabetics! The Lucuma powder in this medicinal and sacred Hot Chocolate Mix recipe adds so much sweetness that I don’t feel the need to add any honey/maple/other.This is also sort of the epitome of Swedish winter (minus the fact that the actual snow can be a rarity) and the two goes together like Pocahontas talking trees / Live concerts euphoria / Hot milk chocolate.Because let’s not fool ourselves here, tea might be all kinds of wonderful but sometimes a girl just needs something more . .not just any kind of hot chocolate, it’s time for some medicinal magic, my friends.

This is hot chocolate that grew up and found it’s ancient medicinal roots.Oat milk, cashew milk and almond milk are my go-to’s here.1. Add milk and the 2 tbsp of dry mix to a saucepan, heat gently until lukewarm if you want to keep as much of the nutritional ka-pow as possible. And while we’re indulging we will get a good amount of Zink (supports reproductive health and fertility in both men and women), B3 (Niacin = great for vegans) and a load of anti-inflammatory beta-carotene.In a recent report by the state university or New Jersey you can read the following: ”Lucuma powder not only stimulates wound closure and tissue regeneration, it also affords anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and skin-repair benefits for our skin”.

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All this thanks to that important beta-carotene that converts into vitamin A in our bodies where it supports and encourages cell repair and growth, visibly improves skin tone and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.