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Free live text chatting direct

It's the most beautiful messaging app I've ever tried: super-clean backgrounds, a heavy emphasis on user photos and clean design, and a great mix of calling, texting, and weirdly great GIF search. None of my friends do, and so the app icon on my i Phone's screen is more like a beautiful, empty work of art.It works across all the platforms I use, and it works well. (Working title: The Way Things Ought to Be.) Instead, I bounce through a folder full of messaging apps.Slack has turned basically every feature of your business, from tracking projects to file sharing to bonus announcements, into messaging. S., standard text messages are the default mode of communication.Yet each new thing requires setting up a new account, entering your payment credentials, trusting some new company with your info, and—most importantly—remembering to use them. Your phone number is what you give out to love interests and potential employers; it's the most universal identifier you have.

There is similar worry about Facebook, that Messenger could become to the U. But they're worth getting right, because this is what's coming next: technology that works on our terms, exists where we're looking for it, and doesn't force us to remember its particular quirks and shortcuts.For more than 500 million users in China, it's essentially The Everything App.People use it to talk with their friends and their colleagues, and also to strangers both nearby and across the world.A great messaging app could be to the Web browser what the browser was to the Internet before it.It's the organizing principle, the window through which we access everything we use and do.

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