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The NHBC Foundation’s research programme is steered by an Expert Panel of senior representatives from all sectors of the house-building industry, government and academia.

An internal management team deals with the practical delivery of the research programme and its outputs.

This place-based philanthropic initiative primarily supports nonprofits in the Massachusetts counties where the Foundation and its founders originally derived their funds and where staff and clients of the Cummings organization live – Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk County.

Applicants should not only be based in but also provide at least 80 percent of their services in this tri-county area.

Accordingly, larger institutions, such as colleges and hospitals, are urged to coordinate among departments before submitting any requests.

Click here to preview the 2018 Letter of Inquiry form.

In addition to these areas the Foundation has more recently been giving priority to research on housing supply and work that leads to improved technical guidance for designers and house builders (see Research topics listed on this page).

The NHBC Foundation is also involved in a programme of positive engagement with Government, development agencies, academics and other key stakeholders, focusing on current and pressing issues relevant to the industry.

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