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During the first half of the 20th century in America, when Asian-Americans were either banned, arrested, counted like cattle, or publicly loathed, the question of assimilation was always somewhere in the conversation.Can Asians ever really assimilate into American culture?I have clear memories of the kids in my family calling each other “fobbbish” as an insult.Like, “Nice American flag t-shirt Louise, you look so fobbish.” But to some extent, in some cliques, FOB has recently been embraced.But what is the standard which “Asian” is measured?Does it come down to a question of assimilation or over assimilation? That word has long been an albatross around the neck of the Asian community.Thus was born first, second, and third generation Asian-Americans whose parents encouraged them to speak perfect, accentless English, often at the cost of not speaking their parent’s first language; children who have very little attachment to their culture beyond family gatherings; young adults who identify more with burgers than bao.

For the most part, we all got along wonderfully and the play was one of the first successes I had as an MFA candidate.

FOBs speak broken English, or with a heavy foreign accent.

The joke is that FOBs are immediately identifiable, even before they open their mouths; in their manner, their dress.

boba, Sanrio), and they only have white friends or partners.

The accusation is essentially that that person is not Asian enough.

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Can they ever really be Chinese-Americans or Japanese-Americans? Can they ever possibly “adapt” to normal (white) American society?

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