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Fish dating waterloo onatario

Today, the technology allows him to reproduce cannabis at exactly the same price point and quality, whether it's January or July outside, and with no extra inputs such as fertilizer or pesticides.

Scared off by upfront capital and research costs, no other federally licensed producer in Canada has bothered to try using aquaponics — combining the principles of aquaculture and hydroponics — to grow medicinal marijuana."I manipulate the plants into thinking they're going through an entire growing season, but in a much shorter time frame." Green Relief's operation produces about 2,700 kilograms of dried cannabis annually, but there are ambitious expansion plans on the horizon.He points to an empty field across from the company's parking lot, where in February it will begin construction on a -million, 210,000-square foot facility capable of producing 45,000 kilograms a year.In fact, Green Relief says it's the only licensed producer in the world to make cannabis this way."People laughed at us when we were going around trying to find this industry out. They said it's impossible," said Bravo, a former construction contractor.

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PUSLINCH — Six thousand tilapia fish are swimming around in tanks in an underground laboratory buried in the hills of Puslinch, pampered and cared for by a team of scientists in white labcoats.