Edward furlong dating

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Edward furlong dating

When people talk about promising actors who never really met their full potential, Edward Furlong often makes the top of the list.

Born in Glendale, California in 1977, Furlong’s early childhood was marked with tragedy as his parents divorced and he was adopted by his aunt and uncle.

In 1993, he portrayed the role of Shayne Lacey in the movie A Home of Our Own for which he won his one and only Young Artist Awards.

For his role in Brainscan, he earned the salary of 0,000. Edit Edward Furlong was from the middle class family born as Edward Walter Furlong in Glendale, California, United States of America to Eleanor Torres.

Starring in a series of films that skipped the silver screen entirely and went straight to DVD, he even declined the chance to star in a third Terminator that could’ve likely revived his career. “I was a heroin and cocaine addict [throughout most of my 20s],” Furlong admitted. This led to a civil protective order that he later violated in 2010.

“It was pretty scary.” During an interview in 2012, Furlong managed to joke about both his addiction and career derailment. By 2011, Furlong was flat broke and took a series of independent movie roles with the hopes of making his monthly child support payments in order to feed his son.

Despite his involvement in comedies like Detroit Rock City and Pecker, nothing could revive Furlong’s career and, by the new millennium, offers barely trickled in. Furlong’s first stint in rehab came in October 2000. By 2009, Bella filed for divorce after their son tested positive for cocaine while under Furlong’s supervision.

During this time, his most notable performance came when he appeared as Mr.

Tupper in Seth Rogen’s comedy-action flick The Green Hornet.

In 1991, he also appeared in the TV show, Saturday Night Live.

The following year, he appeared in the movies like Pet Sematary Two and American Heart.

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In September 1992, Edward fell in love with Jacqueline Domac. After they began dating each other, she acted as his manager.

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