Denise richards dating

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Denise richards dating

They have a lot in Common and are taking things slowly".

The pair were spotted on a breakfast date in California on Sunday () where witnesses said Nikki, 52, and Denise, 39, looked extremely happy together.

Although they were no longer a couple, last month they attended the funeral in New Jersey for Sambora’s father, who died of lung cancer on April 21.

“Denise ended things but wanted to be there for him as a friend,” a source close to Richards tells PEOPLE.

Involved in modeling since her teens, she was born on February 17, 1972 in a suburb of Chicago called Downers Groove and spent her early life there completing her eighth grade at Herrick Junior High School before relocated to San Diego, California where her parents, Irving and Joni Richards, ran a chain of coffeehouses called Jitters while the girl herself continued her study at Oceanside's El Camino.

They have a lot in common and are taking things slowly," a source close to the pair tells the new Us Weekly."I was so grateful to the few people that I did tell," Richards said."They kept it a secret and were very loyal and protective. There were times it was discouraging, when I thought I was going to adopt and then it didn't happen. Though her future in the field seemingly looked promising, Denise instead decided to make a turn in her life and thus set her eyes on acting upon landed her feet in Los Angeles.Fortunately, the first step was not really difficult to be commenced as she quickly earned a one-time appearance in an episode of ABC's drama series "Life Goes On" in 1990 followed by a handful of others in "Saved by the Bell" by 1991, "Beverly Hills, 90210" in 1992, and "Seinfeld" by 1993, the year which also saw her carrying out her film debut in "Loaded Weapon 1." Kept undergoing such roles as well as showing up on several TV-movies, the striking brunette's status suddenly rose quite increasingly in 1997 when her sci-fi flick entitled "Starship Troopers" surprisingly scored over 54 million U.

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I never thought it would be such a big deal."Her chest certainly wasn't the only thing we chatted about. reality With baby Eloise and daughters Sam and Lola taking up most of her time and energy these days, Richards admits her romantic life isn't exactly in full swing. "I loved being married and I loved being a wife—for the short time that I was," Richards said.