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Deidre hall dating now

John Black, now Roman Brady, rejoined the Salem PD, and due to his sleuthing prowess, received a promotion to Commander.

The couple's happiness was fleeting as Marlena was kidnapped and purportedly died.

The pair came to believe that John was really Marlena's husband, Roman Brady, who had been presumed dead.

They resumed their lives as a happily married couple and parents.

Hogestyn was attributed with helping the series out of its ratings slump in the 1980s.

John then discovered that he was Forrest Alamain, brother to the evil Lawrence Alamain."Roman" moved on, eventually getting engaged to Isabella Toscano.Around the same time, though, Marlena reappeared in Salem alive, and was reunited with "Roman".John becomes one of the series' most popular characters when he is revealed to be the presumed dead Roman Brady (Wayne Northrop) with plastic surgery and amnesia.However, Northrop's return in 1991 led to Hogestyn's Roman being retconned into the entirely separate character of John Black, which also establishes the supercouple pairing of John and Marlena, due to John's affair with Roman's wife, Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall).

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