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Unlike other celebrities, there is no any rumor about the love life of Rolonda Watts and her professional life as well.She is really untouched with any sorts of rumors that hit the fresh headlines of news portals. She has dark brown hair color and her eye color is brown.Well, Anne Quito might have just found a solution for you.According to her, there is a new website entirely based on selling stuff that you don't want anymore after a breakup.

Ever been left with an useless or expensive gift from your ex that you can no longer stand looking at?

Tina, in her early twenties, said, “It was very shady and (I) never imagined myself ever joining the site, but my friend assured me that it was safe (so) I joined as I desperately needed my tuition and school fees paid”.

In an e-mail interview, 24-year-old Ashley, who works in the arts industry, said she signed up as she was “struggling quite a bit financially and really needed some help”.“I didn’t want to bother my parents, so I thought this might be a better option,” she added.

One year later, she worked for her own talk show and took her step to be an actress in ‘Sister, Sister’ as Vivica Shaw.

Since then, she played numerous films and television shows like ‘The West Wing’, ‘JAG’, ‘Lie Detector’, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, etc.


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