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It is the first to be wholly manufactured by Parker Brothers and is very similar to the Darrow version, except for the addition of player pieces and a redesign of Darrow's black box.It was produced in limited numbers for only a few months in mid-1935.As far as I know, less than a dozen of these game boxes exist today.(VIEW HERE) On Dec 31, 1935, Parker Brothers was issued a patent for Monopoly, patent 2,026,082.Parker Brothers applied for their own patent and the next group of their games stated PATENT PENDING or PATENT APPLIED FOR. This statement was used for a while in 1935, but they discovered that there were other games very much like Monopoly already with patents.To protect their investment in Darrow's Monoply game, they decided to purchase the 1924 patent to the Landlords game and added that patent to their Monopoly games. In the meantime, PB applied for their own patent on Monopoly.Parker Brothers had an office in London and included this city on the labels of their Monopoly games.That office closed in 1940 and London was replaced by Chicago.

1936 was a busy year for Parker Brothers and their Monopoly game.

In 1935, Parker Brothers (PB) bought the rights to Monopoly from the 'inventor', Charles Darrow. PB immediately began selling Monopoly games using the Darrow game parts.

The first games Parker Brothers made were marked TRADE MARK. This included a small number of the No 9 long box, very rare today.

Almost immediately, very early in 1936, this new patent was added to the Magie patent on all Monopoly games, replacing the single Magie patent.

These patents also appeared on the several new varieties introduced by Parker Brothers throughout 1936.

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It is estimated that over 100,000 'Patent Pending' games could have been made.

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