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To get to the dinner table you first have to introduce yourself: Introduction. How different is up to you to find out, but as a general rule Ariane B will be less inclined to act impulsively (Of course, there will be plenty of situations later on to have that extra drink as well and the golden rule is not to give too many drinks to Ariane B.) Finish drink.

After the introduction you have the choice to visit different places in the house and even to go to the playground (Playground Fun 2).

One day, Ema finds out that her dad is going to remarry with a successful apparel maker named Asahina Miwa .

Rather than bothering them, she decides to move in to the Sunrise Residence complex that is owned by Miwa.

It is one of the two games of the series published by Otomate; the other being Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue .STORY Four years after the end of the Great War and the loss of her mother, Crown Princess Lucette of Angielle is still struggling to come to terms with her new life and step-family.Cold-hearted and bitter, Lucette fails to recognize the suffering of those around her as she is consumed by grief and resentment.Despite this, she is actually the adopted daughter of Hinata Rintaro, but is still considered part of the Asahina family.One of the six characters you can choose as a love interest.

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