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“Copper pots and vessels have been used since the Bronze Age in early Greek and Egyptian civilizations,” she says. According to Rosvall, Americans—including well-known silver- and coppersmith Paul Revere—soon began producing their own wares.“As the only colored metal other than gold, plus being an excellent conductor of heat and easy to form, copper and its alloy bronze became the material of choice for cooking pots and serving vessels.”Over the years, copper pots became common in Europe and were brought to the U. She explains that most antique pots functioned as vessels for cooking or serving food.Peruse Copperton Lane’s assortment of old copper vessels at, or visit Lucullus at • Other uses.In addition to displaying antique copper pots, consider using them to hold firewood, magazines or pillows.“They are all different and all interesting,” she says, noting that these unique qualities can come about for a variety of reasons.

For example, look for brass bands near the handle or embellishments on hardware used to attach the handle to the pot.

Grandmother always talked about the thrill of advancements at the turn of the century.

Alongside the Wright brothers’ first flight and Henry Ford's automobile, in 1903 the Wear Ever brand was introduced offering cookware made of an innovative metal called aluminum.

With our new contemporary design, we continue to provide the quality and reliability you need. Discover the Wear Ever range children in the early 1900's, the progress of the industrial revolution had not yet made it into the American kitchen.

Her experience in the kitchen was hard work with heavy cast iron skillets and constant feeding of the wood-burning stove.

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Look for concentric rings in the metal and hammer marks that are uniform. “Check for weak areas, corrosion and holes in the sides and bottoms of the pot,” states Rosvall.