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“Copper pots and vessels have been used since the Bronze Age in early Greek and Egyptian civilizations,” she says. According to Rosvall, Americans—including well-known silver- and coppersmith Paul Revere—soon began producing their own wares.

“As the only colored metal other than gold, plus being an excellent conductor of heat and easy to form, copper and its alloy bronze became the material of choice for cooking pots and serving vessels.”Over the years, copper pots became common in Europe and were brought to the U. She explains that most antique pots functioned as vessels for cooking or serving food.

Unless an antique copper pot has been properly treated to be food-safe, it should not be used for cooking or storing food. In Phoenix, try Qcumberz, Relics Architectural Home & Garden, and Urban Southwest.

In Scottsdale, check out Showcase at the Peak; Beau Mélange also occasionally has copper pots.• On the Internet.

While rare, some pots also may bear signature marks that identify the manufacturers.• Authenticity.

Old vessels were handmade and should exhibit characteristics indicative of such craftsmanship, as well as years of wear and tear.

Today, home-owners enjoy displaying antique copper pots to lend a sense of history and rustic charm to a room, Crowe observes. Some antique copper pots may feature decorative elements that can add to their appeal and worth.

For example, some may have looped handles that extend across the pots, which allowed the containers to be hung over the fire in a fireplace, while others bear dark, almost black patinas from years of use and exposure to fire.These include hammer marks, dents and old nails.• Patinas.Aged copper that has not been cleaned will have a patina.Repairs are okay in old copper, but keep in mind that many reproductions have fake repairs, sometimes more than one, designed to fool the buyer.”• Cooking in an antique pot.Many copper wares manufactured before the late 1800s to early 1900s were lined with tin and occasionally lead.

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Grandmother always talked about the thrill of advancements at the turn of the century.

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