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Dating personal ads women looking for sex

Researchers have studied online relationships mainly from psychological and sociological perspectives (Van Gelder 1985; Lea & Spears 1995; Scharlott & Christ 1995; Walther 1996; Daneback 2006; Valkenburg & Jochen 2007; etc.), and predominantly among younger people.

1997; Greenlees & Mc Grew 1994; Wiederman 1993), as well as entertainment and social skills (Miller 1998).

Men’s preferences (in order) were: commitment, attractiveness, social skills, resources and sexiness.

In contrast, women’s preferences in order were: commitment, social skills, resources, attractiveness and sexiness.

The category of social skills (with the focus on traits that “allow individuals to keep a relationship going even during difficult times, at least part of which entails the ability to keep a mate entertained”) was exemplified in Pawłowski and Dunbar (1999b: 55), and was also explained in Dunbar et al (2007: 77) as being considerate, having a sense of humour and being a good listener.

The category of sexiness was added in Pawłowski and Dunbar’s (2001) without exemplification.

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