Dating nonchristian

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Note, of course, that adultery is different than premarital sex.Most Christians believe that God does forgive people for premarital sex.But until that night I had always stopped short of …

Madagascar was also considered, but the Allied naval blockade made this impossible.

This doesn’t mean that such behavior is okay, for premarital sex is physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually destructive.

There is forgiveness and restoration for such sin, but it often comes with numerous long-lasting consequences.

60% of the Jews who were living in Germany when the Nazis came to power emigrated and ended up surviving.

Eichmann was talking to Zionists in the mid-30s about kicking the German Jews out to Palestine.

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This was not fair, but as you could probably tell by the first part of this paragraph, fair had gone out the window some time prior.

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