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I felt around until I found the button for her bell. .) Upon opening her door she was illuminated from behind: all I could see was the silhouette of her body in this … ” I said, wiggling in the air my brown paper bag from 7-11. And, lo and behold, I made it inside Miss Usher’s house without lurching straight into her and/or destroying anything in her entryway.

But even here, most Christians believe that there is forgiveness for adultery.

” While I struggled to recall literally any word that I had ever learned—or even a I offered. Holding out her hand to me, she said, “C’mon, funny guy. There’s something I want to show you.” Yada, yada, yada—and the next morning I was late to my oceanography class.

Though prior to that night I was, technically speaking, a virgin, I wasn’t exactly a sexual neophyte.

Then the Nazis conquered the East and came into possession of a few million Ostjuden.

If they hated the assimilated and cultured German Jews, they really hated the non-German Jews, whom they associated with Judaism and Bolshevism.

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During the six or so months that I knew her intimately I thought of her as a friend, and have considered her one ever since.