Dating during divorce child custody

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The look on her husband's face when she walked into his deposition looking like a supermodel was priceless.

Feeling newly empowered, she was able to take the steps to face her husband in court and ultimately prevail in the proceedings." "Several years ago I represented a dad in a divorce and custody case.

The wife and student had texted frequently for a 17-day period, and it was the football star's teenage girlfriend that hacked into his Facebook to reveal the affair.

The kicker was that they had a daughter together, and the husband was—obviously—devastated." —"We had a client who had been verbally abused and manipulated by her husband—a remarkably sad moment for all of our partners as we could see she had lost faith in herself.

In the beginning, she sent me a private Facebook message begging me to drop the divorce and to convince the dad that this was the wrong decision for the family.

Then she started making wild accusations of abuse and even filed a police report saying that the dad had tried to run her off the road during one of the exchanges with the kids.

Since she wouldn't agree to settle, we had to go to trial even though it was a clear-cut case.During our preparation for the case, we had determined that the judge was Jewish, so we were quick to bring the father's actions to his honor's attention, and not only was the ex-husband not able to have a seder marking Passover with the child, but he ended up being thrown into jail by the judge for five days!My client was able to spend the sacred holiday with her first born.I was successful, but ultimately his wife—who was previously unaware of the girlfriend or the cocaine habit—found out." — "I had a client who was divorced, and remarried, and his child was in middle school. Right after report cards came out, his ex-wife showed up at his door, complained to him about their son's grades, and then hauled off and punched him in the face!Then she went to her lawyer and filed for an emergency restraining order against him!

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