Dating a narcissictic person

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A recent study at Ohio State University says many people readily admit to being a narcissist.Researchers say they’re probably proud of it and don’t see looking out for No. The exact cause is not known, but there are several theories.If he has most of them, he might have the disorder. The word comes from a Greek myth in which a handsome young man named Narcissus sees his own reflection in a pool of water and falls in love with it. There’s a deep sense of insecurity underneath that grand exterior.He wants others to be envious, but often he’s the jealous one.There aren’t drugs to treat this mental disorder, but depression and anxiety sometimes go hand in hand with narcissism, and there are helpful drugs for those conditions.If the narcissist abuses alcohol or drugs, which is common, it’s important to get treatment for the addictions, too.Personality disorders are longstanding, ingrained, dysfunctional patterns of thinking, behaving and relating to other people that can show up as early as age 8, when children start to become aware of how people react to them.

Parents who put their children on a pedestal and shower them with endless praise can plant a seed of narcissism, a recent study found.

There are no lab tests to confirm a mental disorder.

Many professionals use the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, a list of 40 questions that measures things such as how much attention and power someone craves.

It’s human nature to be selfish and boastful now and then, but true narcissists take it to an extreme.

They don’t just have extra self-confidence, they don’t value others’ feelings or ideas and ignore others’ needs.

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He’s competitive and threatened by others’ achievements.