Dating a girl as tall as you

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Dating a girl as tall as you

Mmmm all the tall girl hugging will do you a world of good.

And those killer legs: They might tower over you when they wear heels.

Dating a tall girl means dating a girl who is probably much closer to you in terms of size and weight.Well, first off, your friends who are shorter than her will give you some shit, and you’ll get the occasional, “Wow, she’s tall,” from relatives when you first introduce her.Don’t worry though, once people get used to you guys together all that will go away, and trust me, dealing with that will be more than worth it.But a look at those beautifully structured tall legs, and you know you are getting the best of the deal.Body features shine out in abundance in taller girls, and those super sexy legs are a part of it.

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So then what happens if that special someone is like, really tall? Like, an inch shorter than you even though you’re 6’2,” tall.

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