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Craig gary redl dating

However, I experienced what you have talked about many times: if you don´t know how to use EFT properly, you may get some results, but it´ll probably be about 5% or 10% of the results you could really get if you used it properly.

The danger in that is that, like me, you could grow SO frustrated and SO disappointed that you´re not getting real results, that you´d just think “it doesn´t work”. I was so close to that point that I can´t believe I stayed with it.

In contrast to the period pains, which took much longer to heal (as there were SO many contributing factors causing them – “table-legs”), guess how long it took for my eyesight to be healed (after having worn glasses for five years): 40 minutes. So, like you always say, Gary, some issues take longer than others, but you can also get “one-minute wonders” too.

EFT has also worked for me in relation to healing colds, infections, and other ailments.

The fact that I completely healed my relationship with food through EFT is still beyond me – I never thought I´d be able to love food and feel that food was good for me.

Nowadays, my improvement in that area has been about 80 per cent (thanks to EFT) and I expect for the remaining issues to be completely gone when I finish tapping away the last core events that have to do with the abuse that I went through and that are still on my list – I have needed some “extra time” with those, especially since my brain unblocked the memories gradually, as other things were tapped away).

Cadarso until you and Tina finished the incredible Gold Standard Official EFT tutorials is something that I have seen happening to many other people, and it is the reason why I am so adamant to always refer people back to and the original training as you teach it anytime I am asked about EFT.

Without being dramatic, I can whole-heartedly say that the main reason I am alive and healthy nowadays is EFT – but EFT with the methodology that you use, the way you teach it. Cadarso when I was 27, after finding the Institute of Energy Therapies´ website (of which she was the Director) and the section where they mentioned Energy Psychology and EFT (back then it was such an unheard-of therapy in Spain).

About scripts: In the time between my work with Dr.

Cadarso in Madrid and the time I got access to your EFT training DVDs, I kept using EFT.

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The specific comments about scripts are near the end.

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