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About scripts: In the time between my work with Dr.

Cadarso in Madrid and the time I got access to your EFT training DVDs, I kept using EFT.

I have seen clients of mine healing themselves completely, through our work with EFT, of diseases like MS (Multiple-Sclerosis), Arthritis, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Fibromyalgia, OCD, and Depression (among others).

The incredible life-saving healing that I have experienced, and that I have witnessed others experience through EFT, is the reason why I am SO vocal about the perils of EFT spinoffs and EFT scripts.

I proceeded to study the 6th edition of your EFT manual after finishing my sessions with her (I had to finish them because I ran out of money at the time); a few years later, I came across all the training DVDs that you had out back then and, over time, I diligently studied everything that you shared on your website (fast-forward to this day, and I am still going back to all EFT-related topics).

What happened to me from the time I stopped doing sessions with Dr.

The specific comments about scripts are near the end.

Dear Gary, The idea of writing something like what I am about to share here came to me quite a while ago, but somehow I left it aside as I felt that maybe it wouldn´t be that relevant to many people since you have already talked so much about “the perils of other EFT spinoffs and tapping scripts”, and it´s so clearly mentioned on the website as well as on your newsletter sometimes.

EFT has also worked for me in relation to healing colds, infections, and other ailments.

I believe that the essence of her communication about the possible dangers of scripts is intact. Many people are enticed to use EFT shortcuts and thus employ EFT "scripts" (ready-made language that purports to fit your circumstances) to substitute for quality EFT.

While this can provide benefits for some, those benefits tend to be partial or temporary.

I had to go into the ER a few times to be treated for those, and at age 17 I was told that the period cramps I was getting were labour-like contractions; so you can imagine how it´s not just that I dreaded that “time of the month” coming– I was terrified of it and what it would entail for me.

Nowadays, my improvement in that area has been about 80 per cent (thanks to EFT) and I expect for the remaining issues to be completely gone when I finish tapping away the last core events that have to do with the abuse that I went through and that are still on my list – I have needed some “extra time” with those, especially since my brain unblocked the memories gradually, as other things were tapped away).

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However, I experienced what you have talked about many times: if you don´t know how to use EFT properly, you may get some results, but it´ll probably be about 5% or 10% of the results you could really get if you used it properly.

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