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However, as the United States moves towards a more progressive twenty-first century, women are often encouraged to ask the man out instead (Dow, n.p.) Similar to Costa Ricans, Americans are eager to find their soul mates, but to an even bigger degree.A recent study among Americans in their 20s who have never been married showed that 94% of them wanted, first and foremost, a soul mate spouse (Kelleher, 1.) Online dating is a much bigger presence in the United States than in Costa Rica: One in ten Americans have used an online dating site or mobile app, and 38% of those who are currently “single and looking” have used online resources to find a partner (Smith, n.p.) Internet playing a factor in dating in the United States turns out to be huge, as 33% of unattached adults 21 and older would cancel a date because of something they found while doing Internet research on their date.

“In Costa Rica, families are close knit, and it would not seem like a real celebration if both families could not be present at the wedding” (“Five Costa Rican,” n.p.) Music ranges from traditional Latin music to Top 40 (Hubbard, n.p.) Brides wear long gowns made of black silk, accompanied by a lace veil.

Economic stability was at the very bottom of their preferences (A Tico Guide, n.p.) The dates themselves tend to be very classic, such as dinner, a movie, or a picnic (University of Kentucky, 3.) Online dating is not common in Costa Rica; there are no websites such as

This is due to the fact that postings on a website or in a newspaper are often associated with prostitution.

These car tracking machines allow partners to see where the car has traveled, how long it was there, and when it left online at any time of the day.

After a few dates, it is typical for the significant other to call more often and see what their partner is doing, whom they are with, and how much time is spent doing such things.

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Families pay visits to each other to display formal agreement on their children’s marriage (University of Kentucky, 4.) In Costa Rican weddings, there is lots of food, family, and music.

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