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Close i Tunes and navigate to the location displayed in the box to view the i Tunes Media folder.

Click the "Start" button again and click "Computer" to launch Windows Explorer.

MP3 filenames may begin with a track, album, or artist name.

But is "Norwegian Wood" under "The Beatles" or "Beatles, The"? Early on, file traders misspelled artist names to get around blocking systems.) Consider creating a file convention, then editing the names of your music files to follow it.

Consolidate Your Media Files Nothing fills hard drives faster than digital media.

Purge your digital video clips of bad shots and editing culls.Zoom Browser, which is bundled with Canon digital cameras, and Hemera Graphics Desk, which comes with HP scanners, are both excellent.With many shots visible at once, you can quickly eliminate failed photos and choose the best of several similar shots.Using a flash drive to save your i Tunes songs is a great way to back up your media files in case your computer runs into problems or crashes.It also can be beneficial for transferring your songs from one computer to another, or from one i Tunes library to another.

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