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Consolidating credit card debt resources

This will cause a dip in your credit score in the short term, but your score should improve as you pay down debt.

Aside from the closed accounts, a DMP won’t hurt your credit, according to Experian.

Pros: Credit counseling agencies will negotiate with your creditors for both lower interest rates and lower monthly payments.

On average, clients see monthly payments reduced by about 20 percent, and interest rates cut by up to half, Opperman says.

Plus, transferring a balance to a new card shouldn’t hurt your credit score much, minus the temporary ding of a hard pull of your credit, and may even help your credit score due to lowered credit utilization with the additional credit line.

“They’re trying to manage all the different accounts, all the different due dates and potentially creditors calling because they’re late on payments,” she says.

You need to crunch numbers to compare the fee to the interest you’d pay if you don’t consolidate, she says.

Typically, with a balance transfer card, you are only allowed to transfer other credit card debt onto your new card, so it might not be the best option if you have a mix of debt to consolidate, Berger says.

Your credit counselor will look at your finances, help you draw up a budget and submit proposals to your creditors, says Melinda Opperman, chief relationship officer at, which also offers credit counseling.

Consumers who turn to typically are overwhelmed by debt and have five to seven credit cards, on average, says Opperman.

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How to shop: Look for an offer with no balance transfer fee, Berger says.