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By the end of the evening she walked me back to my hotel and I invited her to join me for a coffee in my room while she waited for her lift.

When we were in my room she made a call in her own language and seemed a bit upset by the end of it.

Nothing really happened that night other than us both telling each other that we thought the other was attractive and when I woke up the next morning I found out just how attractive she really is.

Every day our moderators select the best photos, which get to The Live Feed and thousands of visitors will see them.The barman was friendly and helpful and he told me about a local club where all young tourists should go to.After a drink I went back up to my room and got ready for a night out.There were a few there, however, that just seemed to want to make some international friends and have a good time. Monica knew a lot of the people in the club but was not there with anyone in particular.She introduced herself to me with her sexy accent and we danced, spoke and drank together till late.

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