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Min Yoongi: tae is my new favourite hobo: wot about me tho hobo: I thot I was ur favourite Min Yoongi: lmao Min Yoongi: your jokes are shit hobo (like your spelling) Min Yoongi: you were never my favourite babes hobo: :c Park Chim: lmao yoongi just virtually murdered hobos confidence Kim Tae Tae: riperino in peace Kim Tae Tae: won’t be missed Kim Namjoon: lmao tae Park Chim: look at my husband,,,,, out there,,,,,, doing the most Kim Tae Tae: *nuzzles* Min Yoongi- Has left the Chat Kim Tae Tae Added- Min Yoongi Kim Tae Tae Changed Min Yoongi’s Name To- ‘soft’ soft: taehyung you’re no longer my favourite Kim Tae Tae: wass worth it Kim Seokjin: im his favourite now b i t c h soft: lmao nah Kim Seokjin: shhhshshshshshsh lemme enjoy dis moment joonie: yoongo ur so dramatic smh hobo: innit joonie: hobi,,,,, you really cannae say shit Park Chim: tru Kim Tae Tae: tru x2 emocube: tru xinfinity soft: joonie just launched his final truth bullet soft: twas’ a direct hit soft: *shuichi screaming in the distance*: I WILL CUT THRU YOUR WORDS Kim Seokjin: was that a dr3 ref?Kim Seokjin: suddenly I love you Kim Tae Tae: HOLY SHIT U KNOW DRV3 Kim Tae Tae: IM IN LUV Kim Tae Tae: JIMIN AM SORRY BUT IVE FOUND A NEW HUSBAND soft: id rather take a bullet to the head than marry your headass joonie: yoongles you’d rather take a bullet to the head than do a lot of things soft: point taken Park Chim: yoongi,,,, huntee, have decided to stan ffirever Park Chim: LOOKS LIKE I FOUND A NEW HUSBAND BITCH emocube: rip a loving couple Kim Tae Tae: jimin, the loml, my favourite person in the universal studios (not thing, soz b but mah doggo takes that role), my one an only, the bread to my butter, the mint to my polo, how could u soft: jesus christ Park Chim: I thought u were the loml, turns out ur just,,,,,, oomf joonie: omagod Kim Seokjin: o shitterino hobo: vmin is dead Kim Tae Tae: *le gasps* Kim Tae Tae: how,,,, could you,,,, Park Chim: ;) Kim Tae Tae: :c Kim Tae Tae: LES HAVE A THREESOME AND DROP THESE FAKE HOES joonie: am down hobo: a poly rel? Kim Tae Tae: O SHIT YEH U CAN JOIN TOO BABES Kim Seokjin: noice emocube: oi ur missing someone joonie: I ain’t fuck w kids b Kim Tae Tae: I ain’t getting locked up hobo: ur a baby soz lmao Kim Seokjin: jeongguk,,,,, huney,,,, we ain’t goin to jail yet emocube: HOW DO YALL EVEN KNOW MAU AGE Kim Tae Tae: *looks at hoesuck* Park Chim: *glances @ hobo* soft: *side eyes the pedo* Kim Seokjin: *stares @ hobi* joonie: *sits in silence* hobo: *sweats nervously* hobo- Left The Chat emocube Added- hobo emocube: you ain’t goin anywhere bitch -= =—= =—= =—= =—= =- 6/1/16 To: a chat for The Gays™ Kim Seokjin: oi ads soft: no Kim Seokjin: but u ain’t even kno what I was gonna say ;( soft: I ain’t need to ‘kno’ to realise that it’s probably irrelevant bullshit hobo: yoongi: 1 seokjin: 0 Kim Seokjin: man you ain’t gotta be so mean all the time ;c joonie: lads lads calm thyselves joonie: yoongles seokjinnie is a v smart and beautiful and majestic man joonie: well joonie: smart in his own way Kim Tae Tae: honestly a mood tbh emocube: ^ Park Chim: lads Park Chim: ‘yoongles’ Park Chim: ‘seokjinnie’ Park Chim Changed soft’s Name To- ‘yoongles‘ Park Chim Changed Kim Seokjin’s Name To- ‘seokjinnie’ hobo: WHY DO THEY GET CUTE NAMES AN AM STUCK W ‘hobo’ hobo: this is,,,,, domestic abuse joonie: hopey,,, am so sorry Park Chim: H O P E Y emocube: that nickname gently touched my heart like am gently touching the power outlet w a fork Kim Tae Tae Changed hobo’s Name To- ‘hopey’ seokjinnie: taehyungie I thank u for doing the lords work emocube Changed Kim Tae Tae’s Name To- ‘taehyungie’ Park Chim: beauty emocube: this is a chat for cute nicknames only emocube: yet am still called emocube yoongles: lmao suqs hopey: im mourning for u b taehyungie: riperino babs joonie: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ seokjinnie: soz b Park Chim: mans still has the original name so ur edgy ass better stfu taehyungie: eggy* Park Chim: shit u rite Yoongles Changed Park Chim’s Name To- ‘jimini’ jimini: omg jimini: I has been bless jimini: is my fav person yoongles: don’t get cocky joonie: damn yoon u legit put effort into that hopey: am a proud parent hopey: watchin man b.b.gukkie: that’s the one lmao taehyungie: lowkey a classic tho jimini: second that seokjinnie: why seokjinnie: just,,,,,,, why seokjinnie: You Are Now A Stranger To Me joonie: cold gukkie: like my soul taehyungie: stfu eggo yoongles: ripperoni pepperoni pumpkin: ripperoni pepperoni seokjinnie: can ripperoni pepperoni be our always taehyungie: can this boi get any softer jimini: lmao he acts so tough an intimidating an then he says shit like this jimini: I see u jimini: you aint all that fam seokjinnie: BACK TO PUMPKIN FUCKER IVER HERE pumpkin: iver seokjinnie: you have N o. seokjinnie: well generally yeah but not bc ur always right seokjinnie: yall dumb as shit lmao gukkie: *gay disgust* i’m so sorry this is so late however i have my life has been taken over by what i have dubbed the Fat Ass Project for The Gays (FALf TG for short) which i will go into more detail about at a later date.again i’m so fuckin sorry for how late this is and i promise to do better for y’all in the future.13/01/16 To: furry cult seokjinnie: yall yoongles: wait yoongles Changed Chat Name To- 'communist society for gays only' yoongles: im joining communism so I can ride putins dick to tye heavens yk for money yoongles: anyway yoongles: proceed taetae: I love an intellectual yoongles: id bow but youre a furry lol taetae: que jimini: at least he rides my dick and not putins seokjinnie: STFU AND LISTEN TO ME seokjinnie: S H I T H E A D S joonie: que gukkie: que jimini: que pumpkin: que seokjinnie: q Ue seokjinnie: anyway seokjinnie: dont @ me on this lads seokjinnie: but pumpkin: J U S T S A Y I T O M F G seokjinnie: timbs are ugly as shit yoongles: b I tc H pumpkin: JUST SAY YOURE HOMOPHOBIC AND LEAVE gukkie: What The Fuck joonie: timbs are sexy gukkie: ID STICK MY DICK IN A TIMB joonie: I suddenly agree w seokjin pumpkin: im sure youd like to see guk w his dick in a timb wouldnt you joon taetae: ............joonie: aint we figure youre the pedo in this chat hobi gukkie: joonie u cen watch if yiu want bro gukkie: no jomo tho gukkie: miss me w that gay shit jimini: jwongguk ur legot the biggest gay jimini: a disastter gay yoongles: jimin why is your spelling so bad today yoongles: like,,,,,, worse than usual jimini: a mix of alcohol weed and kindle keyboards seokjinnie: kindle? seokjinnie: q-q-que jimini: issa long asss sorty taetae: whoops joonie: I smeel a mystery gukkie: pummkin 2.0 taetae: W H O O P S yoongles: *sniffs in gay* pumpkin: yoongi doin his psychic shit again my dudes seokjinnie: were witnessing legitimatebmagid yoongles: *breaths in gay* yoongles: okay joonie: OOF yoongles: you and tae were having 'fun' together ;) yoongles: and jimini: *sweats heavily* yoongles: you 'forgot' to lock the door taetae: *heavy breathing* yoongles: yoir parents caught you 5 inches deep in his ass jimini: *internal screamingv seokjinnie: HE WAS RIGHT AGAIN OMG pumpkin: btuh im genuinely worried gukkie: ^^^^^^^^^^^ joonie: WE AINT SAFE MY DUDES yoongles: its thr gay speaking taetae: I mean itvwas worth it tho jimini: b I t Ch G i F yo U d Oen T gukkie: bet it was tbh joonie: ^^^ joonie: shit like that gets ur adrenalin fuckin pissed taetae: INNIT seokjinnie: I knre u 2 were fucking tvh jimini: kinda obvious innit taetae: lol yeah jimini: were just fwb tho taetae: o Of yeah like stress relief jimini: :) joonie: :/ pumpkin: ;) gukkie: ;( seokjinnie: :3 yoongles: ~(·-·)~ taetae: que 13/01/16 To: communist society for gays only taetae: a lad in my business class fuckin vommed all over his book lol gukkie: wot joonie: o......k......?taetae: yeah were all like bitch tf taetae: an the prof had to scrape it into the bin jimini: bruh she lowkey deserves it tbh jimini: she a T H o T taetae: o Of ikkr taetae: wots funnier tho taetae: she tried to keep teaching taetae: LIKE BITCH THIS HAPPENED 10 MINS BEFORE BELL FUCK OFF seokjinnie: LMAO yoongles: thats rough bruh taetae: the lad came back in the classroom after fuckin snatching oir weaves taetae: an all he said was 'oof jesus fucking christ' taetae: and sat down like nothing happened pumpkin: BITCH WE STAN yoongles: big mood gukkie: honestly hes a legend joonie: bruh you got like 10 mins of business tf jimini: IKR I SAID THE SEMA jimini: LIKE BIXTCH ION CARE THAT YOU WERE SAT YLIKE RIGHT BEHINF THE CUNT jimini: BIsuness is lehit the fworst fuckin subkect ithisbschool pumpkin: rip kimins spelling seokjinnie: kimin lol jimini: pls donnt joonie Changed 'jimini's' Name To- 'kimin' kimin: honestly fuck all co u joonie: wuv u two bae xxooxo 13/01/16 From: big ol bear To: smol ol bear big ol bear: finna be serious for a sec w u yoongs smol ol bear: o Of?If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser).If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again.

emocube: ^^ Kim Seokjin: in 2 weeks joonie: we got time to prepare ourselves then Min Yoongi: that works ig Kim Seokjin: then is settled —————————— 6/1/16 To: Yoon:] Joonie: you sure you’re okay w this? Yoon: 2 weeks is long enough Yoon: i just gotta,, prepare myself yk?thank you all so much for being patient with me ilysm 12/01/16 To: furry cult seokjinnie: it’s Wednesday my dudes yoongles: lovely pumpkin: ITS FACE REVEAL DAY MY BRO ARMY FAM SQUAD yoongles: lovely gukkie: o Of y’all better be hot joonie: wouldn’t matter to u anyway fuckin minor joonie: cannae even drink alcohol joonie: go for a cheeky nandos w the mandem jimini: god bless korean billy taehyungie: where would we be w/o billy oppar yoongles: google: how to delete someone’s entire existence seokjinnie: so like,,,, kill them,,,, yoongles: no yoongles: delete them seokjinnie: w e l l a l l r i g h t y t h e n seokjinnie: a s I w a s s a y I ng joonie: face reveal day we get it my bruv pumpkin: welp ig is now or never my g gukkie: y’all joon knows what the older generation look like anyway seokjinnie: ok furst of all we ain’t that old pumpkin: he got a point tho joonie: o Of yeah but ion know the babies u get me taehyungie: babies jimini: jimmy savile is that u?yoongles: B I T C H joonie: im- jfc pumpkin: A N Y W A Y seokjinnie: R I G H T seokjinnie: ITS T I M E 12/01/16 To: agustus w namjohn: you ok fam? namjohn: they’ll love you yk agustus w: yeah but what if they don’t nam agustus w: what if they all hate me after seeing me namjohn: yooni namjohn: im coming over yeah?grow hopey: *wipes tears* seokjinnie: ‘man b.b.’ joonie Changed Chat Name- ‘hobo’s man b.b.™’ hopey: the amount of bare disrespect in that name is giving me a hard on hopey: like yes lampoon me daddy (read: baby coz yk,,,,, joonie ain’t a finna dom me for a long while) seokjinnie: LAMPOON ME DADDY taehyungie: LMAO WILD emocube: what have u done -= =—= =—= =—= =—= =—= =- To: hobo’s man b.b.™ 6/1/16 taehyungie: whaddup taehyungie: am jared taehyungie: am 19 yoongles: an I never fuckin learned how to read taehyungie: omg taehyungie: WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY seokjinnie: lmao yoongles has a sense of humour after all hopey: am shooketh to the b o n e joonie: lads y’all should know joonie: yoon is the king of vine references joonie: like dun even try fite him on dis joonie: you’ll end up like ms keisha emocube: I am willing to take that risk emocube: I muzt,,, emocube: assert my dominance emocube: as le ultimate vine compilation master yoongles: iono if thas a good idea b emocube: MANS AINT FINNA LOOSE TO A TWINK jimini: lmao a twink pulled the twink card jimini: seems like an oxymoron yoongles: …yoongles: b ITc H d O I Lo Ok taehyungie: ahhh twinks jimini: taetae after yoongi ur probably the Biggest Twink™ here taehyungie: I see we have a double yaoi hand combo up in dis bitch hopey: o shit tae has yaoi hands too? hopey: fuck y e s seokjinnie: man double whammy emocube: ‘double whammy’ emocube: what are you,,,,,, 90? yoongles: I ain’t against that seokjinnie: *clutches chest* hopey: Owo eggyboi: EXCUSEZ MOI BUT I WAS TALKING eggyboi: YALL PULLIN THIS SHIT RIGHT IN FRONT OF MAH SALAD taehyungie: carry on b jimini: attention whore eggyboi: im- eggyboi: I mean tru joonie: honestly mood eggyboi: ANYWAY yoongles: jesus christ was w the caps eggyboi: SO THESE ASSHOLES BROKE INTO MANS DORM EVEN THO IS MY BRO ANI GAVE HIM TE KEU BUT WHTVR eggyboi: I swear to our lord and daddy above if they touch my EXID an Black Pink standees i’ll fight them to te death yoongles: iahdhfhgrhehwhs y e s seokjinnie : S L A U G H T E R T H E M taehyungie: mans will help jimini: I will join u tbh hopey: gukkie babes yo ass finna go to prison ist joonie: gukkie,,,,,,,, how,,,,,,, endearing eggyboi: honestly,,,,,, if going to prison ment hani would step all over my face then gladly taehyungie Changed eggyboi’s Name To- ‘gukkie‘ yoongles: tae I suddenly love u yoongles: sorry my dearest loves but my heart has been snatched along w my weave seokjinnie: *horrified gay gasp* joonie: *confused panromantic laughter* hopey: yoongles how dare yoongles: It cannae be helped jimini: yoon,,,,, is that really u tho?

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jimini: 9/1/16 To: hobo’s man b.b.™ emocube: hhhhhh am on the bus an I have drunk ppl in the dorm istg if they get into my room blood will be spilled taehyungie: id laugh if they did tbh jejdhfuehfidh jimini: jeon,,,,, Why The Fuck are there people in ur dorm emocube: firs of all tae fuck u second I was on mah break bc yk school break an shit lmao an ppl have the key to mah room (older bro lol) an if my room is a mess finna break some necks seokjinnie: if issa mess jus go an mess up everyone else’s dorms seokjinnie: like seokjinnie: vengence emocube: Good Idea emocube: like when they sleep emocube: i’ll Rip Down Their Shit™ hopey: o shit the eggplants goin super sayian joonie: eggplant? hopey: Eggy Boy™ over here dyed his hair purple once an it was like the colour of an eggplant hopey: an someone pointed out that he looked like an eggplant hopey: so ofc bc am a creative genius he was renamed eggplant seokjinnie Changed emocube’s Name To- ‘eggyboi’ eggyboi: first of all fuck all of u eggyboi: secondly this is child abuse am calling childline joonie: is for the greater good hopey: there are children dying eggo taehyungie: cyber bullying ain’t provable if u ain’t got the receipts seokjinnie: innit tho jimini: taetae: *brings the tea* my wig: *gone* yoongles: hobo if u were a creative genius whi ain’t u created a substitute for my crippling crave for sweet sweet death lmao hopey: yoongles yo ass needs cuddles hopey: but alas hopey: am waiting til marriage joonie: IWJWHDHFHUDJDDJ seokjinnie: YOONGLES ILL GIVE U CUDDLES MY PRECIOUS HUSBAND yoongles: …….. Jimini: the yoon we know ain’t say shit like that gukkie: he drunk?

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