Charging ipod without updating

Posted by / 24-Jul-2017 05:46

If you have an i Pad, i Phone, or i Pod touch that suddenly stopped charging, clean all of the junk out of the port using a small tool. You could also use the SIM card remover that came with your device, but not all i OS devices come with one.

Let's just hope you still have a warranty or Apple Care active.

If you know someone else with an i Phone that can be wirelessly charged, you can test their i Phone on your dock to be sure.

The worst-case scenario is that your i Phone's wireless charging coil or cable connected to it could be damaged, but that's unlikely unless you were tinkering around in there like you shouldn't be.

New i OS brings a set of fun features, but no i OS is perfect, and it is possible that you may meet kinds of i OS issues like charging problems we just mentioned.

Also Read: How to Fix This Accessory May Not Be Supported Error on i Phone/i Pad Mostly it's a hardware problem with the USB or Dock connector or wall adapter, but sometimes it's a software issue that some potential solutions may fix it.

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