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One of the biggest factors in throwing off carbon dates is the fact that nuclear testing, which began around 1950, “blasted out radiation [into the atmosphere] that scientists see clearly as a spike in the radiocarbon record” (ibid.).

Most problematic in absorbing this spike in radiation has been charcoal, which scientists use frequently in their dating of ancient finds.

When the organism dies the C-14 is no longer replaced and that which remains decays at a constant rate.

The time it takes for one half of a radioactive isotope to decay is known as its ‘half-life.

[Read more: C is for Carbon Dating] The university’s Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics has received funding from Arts Council England to develop this technique as a portable device, and appear confident that their attempts will be a success.

They currently anticipate the first unit will be available to field archaeology staff for trials as soon as 2016!

Radio-carbon dating can only be effectively used on materials which once formed part of a living organism, which means that materials such as stone and metal can’t usually be directly dated in this way.Referring to the fact that many Australian fossils were re-dated under the ABOX technique, Gillespie commented, “Something like a hundred dates were wrong and we ended up chucking them all out. This fact was suspected by no less than Willard Libby, the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of carbon dating, as Even in the early days, Libby suspected that the carbon-12 to carbon-14 ratio had not remained constant through time.Work on solar cycles and the Earth’s magnetic field proved him right.According to Richard Gillespie of the Australian National University (the institution at which Prof. Even very small amounts of modern contamination can be fatal for old samples” (ibid., 345).Bird first created his technique), “ABOX showed some dates are seriously wrong” (ibid.). There is another problem with carbon dating, one that goes beyond adjusting for the increased presence of radiation post-1950.

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Current techniques used for carbon dating, such as Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, can be expensive processes and require samples to be sent away for analysis, typically taking 6 weeks or more for information to be relayed back.