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Our set of activities ran through in good time, and resource use was low.

Detection was very strong indeed with excellent scores throughout our sets, and with no issues to report in the Wild List or clean sets, a VB100 award is well deserved, adding another good result to that strong score.’s current run of passes dates back to 2009, with only three tests skipped in that time.

Stability was mostly decent, but a few update errors were noted, and during one of our more intensive jobs the system restarted unexpectedly, heavily denting ’s stability rating.

Scanning was very fast indeed, even in the initial runs, and overheads were pretty light, barely detectable once files had been checked for the first time.

Scanning speeds were decent, and very steady across multiple runs; lag times were fairly low with some good use of fingerprinting, and our set of tasks got through in good time with very low resource use.

Detection was very good indeed, only dropping away in the very latest part of the RAP sets, and with proper handling of the Wild List and clean sets, ’ product doesn’t take long to set up, and presents a slick and appealing interface with only a very limited set of controls available to the local user.

The Wild List set was synchronized with v4.004 of the Wild List, released on 16 April, and other detection sets were compiled from samples first seen in the days running up to each round of testing.

The layout is fairly sensible though, with a good set of options within easy reach.Installation takes a good few minutes, but includes updating and a quick scan of critical areas.The angular, uncluttered interface fits in well with the standard desktop styling and looks good, providing decent configuration options with minimal confusion. Given previous headaches with the touch-oriented desktop system, we were tempted to go for the GUI-free ‘server core’ option during install, but operation of products required the full desktop experience.As usual, we installed a few basic tools such as archive and document-handling utilities, and adjusted the test systems to hook in with our automated re-imaging set-up, before moving on to the sample sets.

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In total, 29 products made the final cut, ready to be put through their paces in our suite of tests.