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Detection was decent though, tailing off just a little into the later parts of the sets, and with nothing to report in the Wild List or clean sets, a VB100 award is comfortably earned, returning hasn’t missed a comparative since 2010, and has only recorded a handful of fails in the past decade.This month we see something a little new, with the ‘Cloud Care’ in the title hinting at some changes.

The current product continues to impress with its glossy good looks, the colours a little muted in this server edition, and it installed rapidly and reliably too.There were no signs of any stability issues throughout testing.Scanning speeds were pretty impressive from the off and sped up even further in the warm runs, while overheads were very light and, for a change, our set of activities got through in good time too, with pretty low resource usage.Stability was mostly decent, but a few update errors were noted, and during one of our more intensive jobs the system restarted unexpectedly, heavily denting ’s stability rating.Scanning was very fast indeed, even in the initial runs, and overheads were pretty light, barely detectable once files had been checked for the first time.

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Our set of activities ran through in good time, and resource use was low.