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Along the way, he was mentored by Brother Andrew, the famous Dutch missionary and founder of Open Doors.De Vink is the writer & illustrator of the Jezus Messias (Jesus Messiah) comic which was published in 1993.His autobiography Getekend: Een persoonlijk verhaal was published in 1999.At Billy Graham's Amsterdam 2000 conference, de Vink felt God leading him to join Agape Netherlands, with whom he'd collaborated previously.In addition to pastoring a small congregation in southern California, Rev.Carter also illustrates for Urban Ministries in Chicago, Illinois.In addition to his cartoons and comics, Best wrote a number of books for young people including some new Sherlock Holmes stories wherein Dr.

A list of these comic/cartoon art tracts would include True Loves Waits, My Life, and the well-known Grandma tract, all illustrated by Madoka Mako.

Carter’s first tract was “Frame-up”, marking the beginning of an ongoing association with Chick Publications for more than thirty years.

In addition to the tracts, Carter drew The Crusaders full-size comic book series from 1974-1988.

"At my church one of the fellows had a Chick tract, and I saw it and it impressed me because that's what I always wanted to do." Carter had studied at Chicago’s American Academy of Art, and in early 1972 he sent some samples to Jack Chick.

Chick wrote back, and within 3 weeks Carter moved from Illinois, USA, to southern California.

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Born 25 August 1930, James Blocksom was originally from Ohio USA.

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