Becoming bitter about dating

Posted by / 16-Apr-2017 03:33

Becoming bitter about dating

A number of women exclaim this phrase to note why they’re single.

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But in order to experience happiness, you have to figure a way.

You expressing that only nice guys finish last won’t help your dilemma.

It makes me nauseated seeing all the couples out there. Relationships normally start with two happy people. It's kind of like, did the chicken or the egg come first?

Each person has their own special desires and needs.

I've known people in relationships that were actually bitter.

(however these are relationships that will 99% of the time probably end, so they will become part of the latter group) I've know old single people who are bitter. However, most bitter people tend to be older and single in my opinion.

But I’ve realized more and more lately that many women really believe this. Let’s say all the good men in the world are loving these “hoes.” My answer is usually the same. Some are quite content going it solo; while others require companionship.There are no rules here; 'what's right, is what's right for each person'. Depends on your lifestyle, your interests, your hobbies.Some meet at local get-togethers that are sponsored by the city or county, or their parks n rec dept., some meet in church, some meet while volunteering, some meet through friends or relatives, or even at work.Some meet while participating in a forum such as this, or even in chat rooms as they find they have many common interests and don't live 100 miles apart.

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So this doesn't include family or friends obviously, b.c that should only be emotional. Get out there among the living and do things that put you into contact with other people who love what you love.

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