Astrology dating same birthday

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With both being an Earth sign, their quest for stability can work well for them.Keeping them together would require them to work and think in the same direction; sharing same thoughts, ideas, and opinions.The following slides will help you understand which Same Zodiac Sign matches are good and which are not! That’s how this couple would be- a tough match or best to say an explosion in waiting.

If one of them is the wild one, the other would need to bring in the much-needed stability, so that they could cherish and respect, this liaison. They both are sensitive and their nurturing abilities can really work great for each other.

Even though they have strong opposing opinions, but will always use platforms like, healthy discussion, spirited activities to push each other’s growth and development.

Whenever, one of them feels their freedom and space at stake, it jeopardises their liaison.

They’ll quarrel and fight constantly, but deep down; their love remains untouched and intact.

They look upon each other as healthy competition and know how to enjoy their time together.

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When you’ll begin pouring your heart out to each other, you’ll be inseparable and sail through any storm.

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