Armed services dating site

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Armed services dating site

Military career falls in the same group and same problems than the police force, firefighters, truck drivers, sailors... I think if someone won't date you because you are in the armed forces then they aren't the one anyway. I think if someone won't date you because you are in the armed forces then they aren't the one anyway. Well I have been married to a female that has been in the army for almost 5 years.

It's over now, but it has caused problems many times.

As long as I know that I am the one and only girl for the man, I don't care what he does for a living (as long as he has a job of course! I don't think I would shy away from a military man as long as he is respectful towards me and is 100% faithful to me. I kinda understand where most women are comming from in this sense that they would back away...

so I understand how it is hard to find someone that can handle that... If it turns them off when you tell them - they are the wrong people for you - okay - I would in a heartbeat - Its the person - military or not -thats hisjob - thats all.

So, i guess i need some advice....women on this site like dating men who wish to be in the Army? I respect the jobs the men and women in the armed services perform, but I can't deal with the lifestyle.

I hate giving up opportunities with great girls just for that reason Any advice is appreciated! I am not prepared to be involved in a relationship where my partner/SO/spouse/bestfriend went away for a minimum of 6 months at a time.

She's a very controlling person, and I'm not entirely sure it's totally from the army, but I do know that it certainly contributes to it.i think with this war going on women are more concerned these days with losing the one they care about.

i know i wont date a woman from either law enforcement or the military b/c of that and also b/c they tend to have more discipline, whereas im a laid back guy.

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The issue is/was never the schedule or deployment though.

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