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I Like to watch and see, listen and hear, feel, feel, live, positively look at the world !!! Hello I'm single living in a 3 to 77 sqm looking for a woman last week's father father to an 11 year daughter do not want more kids but bonus if you have it i am serious in my search are tired of loneliness, want you ..

i am fond of nature and i work from 7am to 4pm eve.. I'm warm-hearted, open-minded, caring, respectful, easy-going, usually happy, positive, a little witty and not too stupid.

Life-sized camel sculptures dating back 2,000 years have been found at an inhospitable site in the Saudi desert.They said its desert setting and proximity to caravan routes suggest Camel Site - ill suited for permanent settlement - was a stopover where travelers could rest or a site of worship.The researchers wrote in their study that the 'relative scarcity of ancient Arabian rock reliefs has been a significant barrier to understanding the development, function and socio-cultural context of such art'.Archaeologists also uncovered drawings from this period depicting a hunter drawing his bow surrounded by a pack of 13 dogs, two of which appear to be tethered.The find is thought to be the oldest ever depiction of a dog, as well as such restraints being used to control them.

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Archaeologist Guillaume Charloux, a research engineer at CNRS in France, said: 'Though natural erosion has partly destroyed some of the works, as well as any traces of tools, we were able to identify a dozen or so reliefs of varying depths representing camelids and equids.'The life-sized sculpted animals are depicted without harnessing in a natural setting.

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