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I relocated to San Diego to expand my experience and used a staffing agency and was briefly a temp here. Within the first week I was told if there is ever an issue simply don’t go to my supervisor at the time I️ didn’t understand.After two months or so, I had gone to my supervisor to let her know an employee was badgering and bullying me without cause.Instead they ride on the backs of a few who do the majority of the work, while others take advantage of a very lax culture that does not hold anyone accountable.Typical day, we would get our coffee and get straight to work but we all had a fun. Manager was great, she treated everyone as if they were family.

Really, there is nothing exciting or special about Alliant, but it is stable, reasonable work in a calm office environment. This location is ran by an incompetent operations manager. She is an air head that doesn't know anything..she opens her mouth it is straight BS.

I have learned a lot about myself and my work habits and I have become more organized by working at Alliant Insurance.

California based company with a lot of great people.

They are condescending, belittling, and rude, but when reported to HR, the standard reply is "I'm sure he/she was just having a bad day." In actually, they have been reported NUMEROUS times for creating a hostile working environment, but they are still allowed to remain employed with the company.

Anyone who is considering working at the Houston location, RUN very far away...their turnover rate is astronomical!!

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Ileft early that Friday due to being sick and they saw me didn’t even tell me to my face not to come back.