Advanced dating technique Secretfriend hot chat

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Advanced dating technique

Have her drop her knees farther toward the bed ( straightening her legs and keeping everyones knees closer together) this allows for plenty of contact while changing the angle of penetration to a more horizontial plane.

To perform it with your man, you need to lie on your back with your legs open while your man is on top of you, just like in the regular missionary position.Your man then puts his legs outside yours and you proceed with sex as you normally would with the Coital Alignment Technique.Putting your legs together will make your vagina feel far tighter for your man, meaning more stimulation and a tighter feel for him, while it still feels very similar to regular CAT for you.You’ll find that you get more out of the Coital Alignment Technique if you get into a nice rhythm with your man, where you rock backwards and forwards as he thrusts up and down.Your guy is going to be thrusting vertically upwards and downwards (directly towards the mattres) when performing the Coital Alignment Technique position.

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They have reported varying levels of success, some say it feels wonderful while others get little enjoyment out of it.

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  2. As I drew closer to her from behind, I saw the contraction of her thigh and shin muscles with every step. I couldn't see her face, but from behind she was nice to look at, and the sight of her spurred me to run faster so I could catch up with her. I started rehearsing what I might say to her as I caught up to her. I would never have guessed the woman running ahead of me was 40. It was the start of the golden hour, the best time of day to take photographs, as I knew from my limited experience as a photographer. We were both sweaty, me especially so, so I held her lightly. She cocked her hip a little and put her hands down just below her hips.